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Behind the Camera – Chris Curry

Born and raised in Belfast Northern Ireland I grew up around photography and art with my father Denis Curry being an avid Belfast artist and photographer going back to the 1960’s. My father also promoted up and coming artists with art exhibitions at the railings of Belfast City Hall and through his gallery Centre Art in Stranmillis Belfast.

Influenced from an early age I first picked up a camera when my father taught me black and white film photography as a child during the 1980’s on a Contax 139 Quartz camera and he also helped me develop my prints in the darkroom in our home.

I remember the magical feeling seeing my images gradually appear during the chemical developing process of the traditional darkroom.

Living in Northern Ireland I am lucky to be able to capture some of the most stunning and diverse landscapes around the coastline’s and hills throughout Ireland.

Travelling also further broadens my creativity and the experience travel brings of seeking out new and inspirational places.

Landscape photography is a challenge in which I embrace; it makes you look deeper into the land, the sea and sky in a very different way opening your awareness to the ever changing light and weather conditions that sweeps over us.

These challenges can also create disappointments, but when the elements come together along with the composition and emotion of the scene there is nothing more rewarding from behind the camera.

Part of my photography style seen in my work is long exposure techniques in slowing down the camera shutter to capture the motion within a scene over a passing duration of time within a single shot. This forms part of a natural artistry assisted by the environment in revealing to the eye what was only visible to the mind’s eye.

It is important to me to convey an emotion and feeling in my photography of our connection with the natural environment along with landmarks and cities from near and far.

Think Big Images was inspired and named in memory of my father after his last art exhibition called Think Big, Roll Your Own.

If you have any questions, comments or customised requests I would love to hear from you.

 My father Denis Curry (left) art exhibition Belfast City Hall 1969
The Contax 139 Quartz I learnt film photography with
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