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Select any image(s) from the galleries and enter the (REF:) code to be produced as an Acrylic Clear Vision Display.


Acrylic clear vision displays have an elegant and high quality feel which attracts visual attention with their intense brilliance. Printed and mounted behind 10mm sparkling acrylic using optically clear adhesive and light stop material, the 10mm thick acrylic finish adds a sense of depth to the photographic scene especially with vibrant images and night photography. Acrylic displays are luxurious and incredibly modern and come completed with a metal sub-frame ready for hanging.


Acrylic Glass effect: Unlike traditional glass in which the light passes through, the light refracts within acrylic creating a faboulous vibrance. The effect is greater with the thickness of acrylic and each display comes with 10mm acrylic depth for the optimum effect.

With laser cut precision and craftsman skills Arcylic Clear Vision Display's are made to order with a dispatch time of 7-9 working days and I will keep you fully informed throughout your order process.


Clear Vision Display's can be studio collected in Belfast, Northern Ireland or dispatched throughout the United Kingdom.


Please contact me with any questions you may have.


  • EXAMPLE: REF:1 REF:5 REF:20 etc.


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